There are two main branches of then DISS family in England. These families have relations in may parts of the world many of whom will be able to get back to the information I have available. Currently the more current family trees are not available online. Contact me if you have any question that I might be able to help with.


Family Distribution

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Early Years

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The Polish Family

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Family Who died in the Two World Wars


Battle of the Somme

Somme 2002 Photos from Visit

Somme: Thiepval Memorial

POW in Sumatra

Diss Family 1733 - 1900+

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The Halstead Family Disses 1733 - 1900+

Eric and Mary - their Story

Geoffrey Diss Falcon Fields Arizona 1944-45

Horace Cecil Diss MBE JP 1888-1975

Julian Ignacy Brosch 1825-1891

The West Wickham Disses 1737 - 1900+