Amongst Eric's papers returned to Mary was a crayon portrait of her drawn by Eric on 27th January 1943 at Palembang. On the back was written the following poem:


Many Moons have shone their spells of silvery grace
Upon our troubled world - this pitiable place
And with that gentle glow so peacefully tranquil
Have cloaked in Lordly Manner men asleep and those that fight on still
Away from thee, by half the earth's great span of land and sea
Away from thee, our only link now that of dearest memory
But as the days are born so surely too they die
And ever nearer steals the dawn bliss for you and I
So while we wait fulfilment of our cherished dreams
We keep on smiling through till Fate doth shift the scenes
And muster courage till the warring nations cease
for only He can tell when on our soil again
Shall come to PEACE.